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    Connecting people & cultures across the Mediterranean (and beyond)

    “People of the Mediterranean” is an innovative interview project and blog created in summer 2017. The project aims to connect people and cultures across the Mediterranean and beyond. The initiative focuses on young entrepreneurs and creatives from the 23 Mediterranean countries (1st Edition – Tunisia; Planned 2nd edition – Spain).

    Why this project?
    The project aims to give a voice to young people on both shores of the Mediterranean. They share their projects and stories and speak about the opportunities and challenges of their countries.

    • Journal
      Designer workplace working on website layout

      Getting started. Challenge No. 1: the website

      For some time now, I really wanted to learn how to make websites. On the internet, there are several “easy” options for non-IT people like me to create their own website and/or blog at no or little cost. To just name two…

    • Journal

      Getting the idea off the ground. Ready, steady, go! …

      Ready, steady, go! After my studies, I used to work in a communications agency for over five years. This experience provided me with a lot of learnings and ideas. I especially appreciated crafting an idea and developing a project. Actually, I belonged to my company’s…

    • Journal
      the story behind

      Looking for inspiration and an answer

      The story behind “What would you do if all jobs were paid the same?” For a long time, I had no real answer to this question a friend and colleague repeatedly asked me. Then, by chance, I stumbled on a rainy day in Edinburgh…

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