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    100% Art & Culture – Discover Hors-Lits Tunis

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    Hors-Lits is a cultural initiative and an artistic network created by Leonardo Montecchia, a contemporary dancer, and choreographer with Argentinian roots. The concept behind Hors-Lits is simple: discover a city district, four private apartments, houses or places following a predefined route, and four local artists through a 20-minute artistic performance before meeting and mingling with them at a local bar. Founded in 2005 in Montpellier, South of France, the idea, and network quickly spread across the Mediterranean and as far as Canada and Mexico. Today, the Hors-Lits network is present in over 35 cities. The local organizers of each city invite two or three times a year to this cultural event where artists, inhabitants and the audience – several small groups of up to 20 people – meet and mingle.

    The unofficial slogan of the network: 

    “Make creation possible”

    Hors-Lits allows artists to free themselves from the constraints linked to the availability of broadcasting venues and the power of programmers of theatres, concert halls, and cultural spaces.
    I discovered the Hors-Lits network in 2013 thanks to my Chilean flatmate Danitza. She belongs to the local organizing team here in Barcelona, Spain. Since then, I hardly missed any “Hors-Lits”. I even went to the edition of Hors-Lits Tunis in September 2017. This edition gathered local organizers from Tunisia, France (Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Aix-en-Provence), Spain (Barcelone), and Canada (Montréal).

    7th edition Hors-Lits Tunis

    Hors-Lits Tunisia started in 2014. It was thanks to Selim Ben Safia, dancer and choreographer, who met network founder Leo in Montpellier while studying dance. Selim’s ambition is to grow the network in Tunisia. He wants to cover all major Tunisian cities so to democratize access to culture for the greatest number of Tunisians. Until today, Hors-Lits Tunis invited to artistic tours and discoveries in Tunis, Sidi Bousaid, Nabeul, Sousse and Kef.

    >>> During my stay in Tunisia, I also did an interview with Selim that will soon be published! Read more about the concept of the interview here.
    On 23-24 Septembre 2017, the 7th edition Hors-Lits Tunis took place in La Marsa – organized by Selim and the association Al Badil. This edition was special! 15 local and international artists – dancers, musicians, actors, poets and visual artists – were invited to perform side by side in 6 performances and 6 different places.
    A great thanks goes to Danitza from Collectivo Suelto and Hors Lits Barcelona for sharing her photos with me!

    Discover the artists of the 7th edition of Hors-Lits Tunis


    Hors-Lits Tunis

    Dancer Wael Marghni

    Discover more artists and editions

    Selim Ben Safia already invited the following Tunisian artists: Izz Al Jabari, Oumaima Mannai, Hamdi Dridi, the collective « Danseurs Citoyens », Seifeddine Manai, Carlos Molina Llorens & William Petit, Omar Sfaxi and much more.

    More information https://www.facebook.com/horslits.tunisie/ + Contact horslits.tunis@gmail.com

    Watch the Hors-Lits Tunis teaser

    Hors-Lits Tunis 1

    Hors-Lits Tunis 2

    Hors-Lits Tunis 3

    Hors-Lits Tunis 4

    Participating cities in the Mediterranean

    • Italy: Offida, Pennabilli, Ripatransone, Venezia
    • France: Aix en Provence, Beauvais, Béziers, Bordeaux, Cévennes, Cœur de l’Hérault (Tréssan, Paulhan, Nébian et Aniane), Ile d’Oléron, Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Montpellier, Nantes, Paris, Pays Minervois, Romans sur Isère, Rennes, Sète, Strasbourg, Toulouse
    • Spain: Barcelona, Lleida, Mollet del Vallès, Penedès, Vilanova, Vila Seca
    • Tunisia: Tunis

    Hors-Lits beyond the Mediterranean

    • Belgium: Brussels
    • Canada: Montréal
    • Germany: Munich
    • Mexico: Mexico City
    • Switzerland: Bern, Geneva, Lausanne, Vevey

    For more information visit http://horslits.com/ (website in French) or contact the network via email network.horslits@gmail.com

    Stay tuned and support local artists!

    Hors-Lits Tunis
    Hors-Lits Tunis
    Hors-Lits Tunis


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